Susan Ray - Office Manager
Susan is the one who keeps the gears turning on this well oiled machine! She helps us navigate the paperwork we all hate doing!

Cathy Gill-Strohl - Realtor®

Cathy has been in the real estate world all of her life! As an investor herself she helps her clients get the most bang for her buck! She loves helping buyers figure out the best way to purchase their homes, and teaching investors how to exchange their properties without paying too much in taxes! 



Douglas Ray - Broker 
As a licensed Real Estate Agent since 1989 and Broker
since 1992, Doug knows the ins and outs of the real estate world. He is a Registered HUD Listing Agent as well as a Registered Fannie Mae Listing Agent. If you have a real estate question, chances are he has the answer for you! 



​Angi Nicholopoulos - Realtor®

Angi has been a licensed Real Estate Agent since 2013. She has worked with buyer, sellers, investors, landlords and tenants. As a less traditional, more modern agent, Angi loves that every day is a new adventure with real estate and would love to help you navigate her world! 


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